Stress is natural. In fact, each pulse of the heart produces a necessary contraction of the body. Meditation, spiritual coaching and massage therapy expose, relieve and eventually eliminate the unnecessary physical manifestations of stress in the body. The result is a deeper/richer breath and a happier and more peaceful experience of life.


Karma Yoga Winnipeg’s signature massage therapy practice is called Tantric Massage.

Tantric Massage is a practice that allows intuition to guide the therapist’s hands.

In the art of Tantric Massage, therapists effectively alleviate stresses and tensions that are held in the nerve centers, which are also called Chakras.

Before any therapy is administered, your therapist will assess your physical, mental and spiritual needs. We then tailor our approach for you in a personalized way that is unique and completely unconventional in every way.

***Although we welcome all inquiries, our objectives are one hundred percent therapeutic. This means that treatments at Karma Yoga Winnipeg are not sexual by nature. We believe that this truth is justification enough for our therapists and clients to share a spiritual encounter that is confidential, consensual and exploratory.


Another word for breathing practice is Pranayama. Pranayama means “Life force energy control.” The human body was ingeniously created with two lobes of the brain, two lungs and one heart, but, there are numerous techniques that we can explore to influence the activities of our brain, lungs and heart. Pranayama exercises are eastern medicines that help to heal and relax the body in every imaginable way.

Along with breathing techniques, focusing exercises supplement the breathing techniques, and these supplementary exercises are called meditations. By focusing the mind on one point, students are guided into deep states of peace that invite profound realizations to unfold and tremendous healing to occur in the realm of the subconscious mind.

If you are hungry for peace, come, sit in silence with us. We can help you quiet your mind and surrender to the awesome miracle of your own beating heart.


Yoga (Kundalini) Dance is a meditation practice where you can heal through heart guided movements.

For students with previous dance experience it is an opportunity to go back to the basics. The movements are simple and structured at the beginning of the practice. As students calm the mind and unite the breath with the rhythmic movements of the body, the meditative practice sheds its structure. Effortlessly the conscious mind surrenders to the playful, interpretive and improvisational dance of the subconscious mind. Another way of understanding this – the brain becomes silent and the heart expands its light through every cell.

In Yoga Dance every person has an opportunity to experience the message of flowing grace radiating in all directions from the heart.




You will be supported in waking up from your own egoic identification and discovering endlessly deeper depths of yourself. The resulting peace is unfathomably deep and beyond the cognitive mind’s ability to understand.

In spiritual coaching you will heal:

• on the symptom level – deal with phobias and negative behaviours; and addictive thought patterns

• on the Egoic level – gain self-confidence and learn to deal with fearful thoughts, emotions and sensations

• on the infinite level – ego transcendence. Deep insights and realizations naturally arise in the sacred space of silence and love that is our ground. The inevitable result of long-term coaching is awakening.




As class sizes are limited, we encourage you to book a class or therapy online using our scheduling app. Click below to access our app.

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