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What do I wear?

It is highly recommended that clothing be form-fitting so teachers can see the shape of your joints. Bare feet are preferred for all of our classes.

What do I bring with me to a yoga class?

It’s recommended that you use your own mat, and you are welcome to leave your mat inside the studio. All yoga blocks, straps, bolsters, and props will be provided for you during your class. We also have mats available for students to borrow.

Is one style of yoga better or more effective than other styles?

Depending on one’s individual needs and personality type, there is a practice that may be more appropriate and effective than other practices. This doesn’t mean that one practice is better than another. If you want some advice on which class is best for you, please email or call us so we can discuss your needs and preferences.

Kundalini Yoga is most often what we prescribe to our students, because it is so obviously effective and has completely transformed our minds and bodies collectively in this community.

Do I need to be flexible to practice yoga?

No. But, your flexibility will improve in ways you can’t even imagine. A regular yoga practice can help you increase your flexibility in a very short span of time.

Is it safe to practice yoga when I’m pregnant?

Yes. In fact, it is highly recommended. There are certain postures and breathing exercises that are not appropriate for pregnant women; however, there are also certain postures that have been proven to be very helpful for the majority of women during their pregnancy.

At this time, we do not offer prenatal yoga, but we welcome pregnant women to attend our classes and will suggest modifications that will better suit both the body of mama, and the precious life that’s inside her too.

Why are some yoga classes donation-based?

It goes without saying that there are few places where one can give a donation for a product or service. In working with us, you, the student partake in the greatest gift that we’ve ever known. This yoga is truly priceless, and we want you to feel what’s right for yourself when leaving a donation after the class is complete.

What is awakening?

Imagine you are watching a film on TV. I ask you what you see and you reply “I see people, houses, cars and trees“ Then, suddenly I turn off the TV and ask you again “What do you see?” You might simply respond that you see nothing, or that you see a blank screen.

The nothing (screen) that you now see is only in relation to the something that you once previously saw.

In this metaphor, the playing of the film is equivalent to a series of thoughts, sensations and perceptions that are associated with an individual’s body/mind experience. The turning off of the film by choice is called meditation.

As soon as it is understood that the ‘something’ while the film is playing is in fact only the screen, it becomes immediately obvious that the ‘nothing,’ the blankness, when the film is turned off, is not nothing. It is still the screen.

Life is the screen, and birth and death occur as a film within infinite life itself.

Awakening to this truth changes the way the body and mind actually experience the world. In the absence of ignorance, pure awareness (the screen) is known to be the sole reality of all experience.

In other words, awakening means re-identification as pure life, love and truth itself. The strange truth is that even upon the deepest awakening, the film on the screen continues to play. Only now, you are the ever more deeply watching the film, learning how to turn the screen off by choice, and meditating on command. As a result, your entire outlook on life shifts. You see clearly that the film on the screen comes and goes, but you are forever the screen.

Knowing this truth deeply is a possibility for each and every one of us. And the peace of mind and body that result in this knowingness are vast, spacious and blissful.

This unlimited knowingness of who you truly are is called awakening.

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